Saturday November 5th, 2016

Knowledge management is a smart combination of cultural value’s, online community building, on- and offline learning and document management. This Xpert session is initiated by Mars Netherlands, to optimize their Sharepoint environment and knowledge sharing between the R&D departments around the world.

The R&D division of Mars, responsible for products such as Snickers® and Twix®, operates from nine locations spread across the world. This has grown historically and is advantageous because it provides optimal connectivity to the markets. The downside is that knowledge exchange between different R&D departments is not self-evident. Nancy Ketelaars (Standardization program leader Snickers® and Twix®) recognizes this and has asked Frismakers to think about how knowledge management within the R&D organization can be further improved.

12:00 Lunch
12:30 Welcome and groups energizer by Frismakers
12:50 Introduction ambitions MARS by Nancy Ketelaars
13:00 Presentation ABN AMRO about online community building and Fluïd real-time knowledge management. How do you obtain a culture of mutual knowledge sharing, regarding the differences between the head office and the country organizations?
13:20 Groups discussion: Deepen knowledge by asking questions ABN AMRO case
13:40 Groups process: Collecting learned lessons and translate them into actions for Mars

14:00 Break with a chocolate surprise

14:20 Presentation CGI about the Shell Sharepoint factory. How can you organize a structure for a flat organization such as Mars, regarding aspects such as authorization and standardization?
14:40 Groups discussion: Deepen knowledge by asking questions Shell case
15:00 Groups process: Collecting learned lessons and translate them into actions for Mars
15:20 Conclusions MARS by Nancy Ketelaars
15:30 Room for networking

Goals for Mars
During this session the scope of the themes sharepoint and online dialogue must become clear. Also ambitions en wishes amongst the stakeholders associated with these themes should be clarified. R&D needs both scope and ambition to determine future roles and work out an implementation plan for these area’s.

Relevant cases
The following cases were collected and inspired Mars in setting her goals.
Case Prorail
Case ForFarmers
Case Coca Cola
Case supermarket Coop
Case RoyalHaskoningDHV
Case CGI

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In the realization of her ambitions, Mars asked different companies to share their knowledge. During this Xpert session external people are invited to join and learn from the presentations and reflect on their experiences.

  • Nancy Ketelaars, MARS
  • Wim van de Laar, MARS
  • Cor van Appeldoorn, MARS
  • Corneel den Ridder, MARS
  • Marianne Schellenbach, MARS
  • Bob Schipper, OPEN&Company – expert case ABN AMRO
  • Leadership Development Expert, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
  • Infrastructure Manager, AKZO NOBEL Corporate Information Management
  • Leon Marchal, Director Nutrition Innovation Centre (R&D) ForFarmers
  • SharePoint Lead Developer / SharePoint Architect ING
  • Adorned-Jan Jongsma, Team Lead project Fun2Share | CIO Office, ProRail
  • Yvette Roos, communicatiemanager voestalpine Railpro
  • Bart Brink, Director New Strategic Initiatives and Techn. Dir. RoyalHaskoningDHV
  • John Thomsett | CGI | Director Consulting Services
  • Daan Grundmeijer R&D Spring Opleidingsinstituut – expert case Coop

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